Sometimes I Wish....

That things would just happen. Sometimes I wish that my heart would already be set for one, and we would have met. Sometimes I wish I could be in your arms, listen to your soft gentle words, feel the warmth of your smile as are heartbeats beat as one. Sometimes I wish you'd never quit fighting for me... Sometimes I wish things would just work out, that I could teleport to you, but i can't. Sometimes I wish you weren't such an JERK sometimes. Sometimes I wish I could see into the future. Sometimes I wish I didn't love so much .... sooner or later all my love will be gone. Sometimes I wish you could see into my heart and mind, and understand what goes on in this little life of mine. Sometimes I wish for more.... but you know what?..... life isn't meant for sometimes I wishes.... Life is meant for doing the impossible, seeing the world, and experiencing love (no matter how hard it is). One day, I will find you. One day we will meet, and we will know that it is right. One day we will challenge life to show us the impossible. One day we will fight for each other as all things come to a hault. One day you will be mine. Until that day comes I will wait. I will wait patiently and contently for you. I will pray for your strength, your drive, your heart, and your passion. I can be patient. No worries. One day, maybe today, tomorrow, a week, a month, a year, or more. Until then may you sleep sweet whoever you are , and know that our hearts are beginning to knit together as we speak. Goodnight to you I shall see you soon



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